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Services Provide Immense Satisfaction and Value for Residents

Successful senior living communities support health and happiness

In senior living, management services driven by resident satisfaction drive occupancy. Occupancy drives success, Residents feel more satisfied and feel a greater sense of community when their physical health is supported, and they have ample opportunities for social engagement. That’s why residents at communities managed by Life Care Services, An LCS Company, have access to programs, services, amenities and health care options that support their satisfaction and bring them more value.

A consistently positive resident experience adds value

A solid strategy for providing positive experiences for all residents includes implementing LCS Signature Experiences. These four expertly developed experiences help ensure residents across all communities managed by Life Care Services benefit from consistent experiences that add value to their investment.

EverSafe 360°

Created as the next evolution in the endless pursuit of elevating the total resident experience, this program is the new standard in senior safety. It includes telemedicine technology, an indoor air quality initiative, and EverClean 360°–a partnership with Procter & Gamble that ensures clean and safe environments.

Extraordinary Impressions

Uses 10 Hospitality Promises help communities managed by Life Care Services better serve seniors, retain good employees and minimize costly turnover. Residents have a more positive outlook about the future and feel more connected when they’re treated well by a group of employees who are dedicated to them and their community.

Health & Wellness Navigation Program

This signature experience ensures residents are aware of all the services and support available to them. It handles health care logistics so all residents can focus on their health. This peace of mind provides value to residents’ investment in the community.

Heartfelt Connections

This innovative, nationally recognized program provides care for people with Alzheimer’s disease and other related memory-impairing dementias. It focuses on positive experiences and allows residents to experience the highest quality of life and level of functioning, all while maintaining their dignity.

How else can you add value for residents?

The commitment to resident satisfaction through amenities, services and LCS Signature Experiences shows. Life Care Services, ranked highest in customer satisfaction with independent senior living communities for two years in a row in the J.D. Power 2020 U.S. Senior Living Study. In addition, Life Care Services achieved the highest score in all six factors, including price paid for services received.

Are you doing everything you can to ensure a positive and valuable experience for residents? We encourage you to listen to their needs and pay close attention to what’s happening in the industry to ensure your community is on a path to success.

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