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For Provider Of Senior Housing, Attracting The Right Employees Is Key

As one of the three largest US providers of managed housing for seniors, Life Care Services must attract and retain a workforce of nearly 23,000 people to run its 140 retirement communities nationwide.

It’s a huge and growing market. The number of US citizens age 65 and older will reach 78 million by the year 2033, at which time seniors will outnumber young people 18 and younger for the first time in the country’s history and represent one in every five Americans, according to the US Census Bureau.

To prepare for that growth, Life Care Services needed a comprehensive HR information system to replace a variety of disparate systems, which provided very limited access to conventional employee data. “We couldn’t even tell if an employee was a manager or a non-manager,” says Lisa Ryan, vice president and HR director. “We wasted a lot of time.”

Users couldn’t be sure if that limited information was accurate, as even routine changes had to be entered manually into several different databases. And there was no built-in workflow to automate routine tasks.

“Our systems caused endemic frustration across the business,” Ryan recalls. “We’d hire HR managers who came from companies that have sophisticated, integrated HRIS systems. They’d start working with our system and it was like taking a step backward.”

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