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More Residents Use and Expect Online Tools

As older adults become more tech-savvy, more retirement community residents are looking for online tools accessible with their smartphones, tablets and laptop computers. Forward-thinking communities are keeping pace with this demand by adding online conveniences to the daily experience of community life. For example, Monarch Landing, a Life Care Services™ community in Naperville, Illinois, has just launched Odyssey™, a private communication portal available to all residents. Odyssey is an intra-community system that supports communication between residents and staff, and provides information about community events, entertainment, activities and dining. While Monarch Landing is acting as a willing test pilot, Life Care Services has plans to install Odyssey at other locations throughout their system of communities.

To ensure they’re providing a truly elite tool to residents, Monarch Landing teamed up with its management partner, Life Care Services, and Caremerge, a leading developer of communications systems.

As of its launch, Odyssey provides access to community communications, includes a resident directory, and offers a wealth of daily news, including meeting notices, dining information, alerts of mail delivery and more.

Because the information exists online, Odyssey is a great way for Monarch Landing residents to stay connected to the community while traveling. During the winter months, those residents who spend time in warmer climates are still able to keep track of the goings-on back home.

Another benefit to the use of online communications is eco-friendly impact of reducing paper. Residents can still receive communications and newsletters in traditional form. But as more people sign up for Odyssey, they’ll find less clutter in their mailboxes and paper use will decrease. More than 130 residents are already using the portal with newly created personal accounts.

Antonio Galvan, Director of Community Events at Monarch Landing, says, “Odyssey is a success. It’s really about enhancing the experience of living here. Residents are enjoying it. Future retirees will expect it. We’re considering it a success.”

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