Senior Living Hiring, Training and Development

Ensuring everything works together.

Human resources for senior living at Life Care Services offers industry expertise in employee relations, compensation, hiring, training and development. For basic human resources functions, LCS software that integrates payroll and operating expense reporting is an accurate and efficient way to collect information and provide comparative salary range data and reporting.

Our recruitment resources support your community when they are needed most. Identifying and recruiting for key positions in your community can be accomplished by accessing our national network for top candidates. Should the need arise, we even have the resources to effectively place interim senior management staff. Read about how to plan ahead for labor shortages in the field of senior living.

To support and enhance the competencies of leadership at the communities managed by Life Care Services, access our human resources training program, LCS University®. It’s designed to provide training specific to senior living and caring for seniors, ensuring employees have the professional development opportunities needed to serve residents now and in the future.

Our team can support your community with other aspects of senior living human resources, too. Programs such as leadership development, compensation, and benefits management and risk management are offered. When collaborating with not-for-profit sponsors, we support boards with opportunities that enhance governance, fundraising and networking skills. This helpful article discusses key factors to help boards prepare for succession planning.