Senior Living Management Resources

Your Management Partner

At Life Care Services, An LCS Company, everything we do, we do for residents. Our track record of excellence in providing services and our unique, comprehensive portfolio of support services and management expertise sets us apart from other senior living companies. When considering a management partner these resources can provide valuable insight to the evaluation process.

Self-Management vs. Full-Service Management

Many factors come into play when considering full-service management over self-management. Starting on the very first day, we listen to your needs and goals, then provide you with the tools you need to reach them. Learn More

Five Questions for Potential Partners

The trend to migrate away from self-managed senior living communities continues to grow. With increased industry complexities, changing demand for resources and the cost burdens for scalability, it’s time to consider a full-service management partner who can provide all the answers. Learn More

What’s Your Succession Plan?

It’s no secret that workforce shortages with front-line staff is a top concern for the senior living industry in the long term. In the short term, one of the bigger challenges is the departure of C-suite and executive leadership staff. Consider these six key factors to help you plan for smooth transitions before your CEO exits. Learn More

Tell us what success looks like.

Your senior living community is thriving and vibrant now. But what will you need to do over the next three, five or even 10 years to attract a new generation of residents and assure continued viability? Learn More

Let’s make sure you’re ready for what’s next.

Some senior housing provider types, such as Life Plan Communities, have long been familiar with providing post-acute care. Yet for many senior housing operators, hospitality has been the primary focus, with health care as a mere side note. Learn More