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With a long track record of excellence, Life Care Services, An LCS Company, sets itself apart from other senior living companies with its unique, comprehensive portfolio of support services and expertise in the management of Life Plan and rental communities.


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Many factors come into play when considering full-service management over self-management. Starting on the very first day, we listen to your needs and goals, then provide you with the tools you need so you can focus on the big picture. And we’ll take care of everything else.

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[Case Study] Improved Sales Velocity, Cost Savings, and Employee and Resident Experience

Business Opportunity: Hospital-based Life Plan Community, Acquisition, Turnaround

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[Case Study] Improved Operating Margin, Sales Velocity, and Resident Satisfaction

Business Opportunity: Life Plan Community, Acquisition, Turnaround, Capital Improvements

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[Resource] Tell Us What Success Looks Like

Your senior living community is thriving and vibrant now. But what will you need to do over the next three, five, or even 10 years to attract a new generation of residents and assure continued viability?

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[White Paper] The Future of Post-Acute Care.

Some senior housing provider types, such as Life Plan Communities, have long been familiar with providing post-acute care. Yet for many senior housing operators, hospitality has been the primary focus, with health care as a mere side note.

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[White Paper] Success and Satisfaction: The Transition to Living at a Life Plan Community

When older adults make the decision to move from a home where families were raised, gardens were tended, and dear friends visited to celebrate life’s milestones, there is a natural period of adjustment to the new life experience of living on a Life Plan Community campus. Just how well do new residents adjust to their new environment?

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[Case Study] Management Strategies to Support Religious-Based Communities

Maintaining your faith while following industry rules and regulations can be challenging. Senior living organizations rooted in faith must remain flexible and agile to deliver an extraordinary culture, and excellent resident satisfaction, all while ensuring monastic lifestyle practices are upheld. And it’s important your management partner understand these as well.

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[Case Study] Hurricane Preparedness and Response

In October 2016, a Category 4 storm, Hurricane Matthew, hit Savannah, Georgia, and continued up the Atlantic coast to Greenville, North Carolina. The storm lasted eight days and at its peak hit 160 mph winds. Amanda Elliott, executive director at The Marshes of Skidaway Island, and Laurie Stallings, executive director at Cypress Glen, managed the crisis in different ways. But because their communities are both managed by Life Care Services, they received vital support – ensuring their residents and staff remained safe, healthy and happy.

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