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Build Comfort and Confidence by Mitigating Risk

Strategic risk management is critical to keeping your community safe and secure

Life Care Services, An LCS Company, believes health, happiness and quality of life are pursuits that should never be taken for granted. These principled ambitions are daily priorities when managing a senior living community with hundreds of residents and care professionals. To maintain the safety and integrity of communities managed by Life Care Services, implementing a comprehensive risk management regimen is a standard practice.

“Our team members go to work every day with a positive mindset of putting a smile on everyone’s faces,” says Heather Turner, executive director at Timber Ridge at Talus, a community managed by Life Care Services. “At the same time, we are constantly analyzing and identifying the ‘negatives’ or threats to accomplish that goal. The risk management support and review of our plan is a critical element of our success.”

Life Care Services adheres to a holistic approach of managing risks that addresses both physical and psychological situations. For example, a natural disaster creates a threat to the actual infrastructure of the community and also impacts the hearts and minds of residents and employees.

“When we have identified a risk, the emotional and physical well-being of our people is always the first priority,” says Turner. “And simultaneously, we are managing the integrity and safety of our physical community because we are striving to achieve a balance during that risk situation. Life Care Services provides several resources and support to prepare, react quickly and overcome risks.”

“We rely on the experience and knowledge of Life Care Services so we don’t have to create or recreate a process to address the situation. This gives us the freedom to focus on our residents and staff while utilizing materials and processes that are readily available to us.”

Risk management also involves protecting a community at a time of crisis (e.g., natural disaster, pandemic, power outage). With decades of proven management experience, Life Care Services implements emergency preparedness procedures to maintain a safe environment before, during and after a critical situation. For example, during a pandemic or natural disaster, some of those support services include:

  • Dedicated professionals to provide guidance (remotely or on-site)
  • Templated materials and checklists of emergency preparedness plans (adapted to specific locations)
  • Conference calls conducted with the leadership daily (or as needed)
  • 24/7/365 hotline answered by LCS Risk Management for residents, families and employees to provide updates and/or address questions

“We review our emergency plan with Life Care Services professionals at least twice a year,” states Turner. “We conduct drills and continually reinforce procedures with our team members and residents. In fact, Life Care Services helped us create a preparedness program to train and certify resident volunteers. Because in some crisis situations, the first responders could be their neighbors.”

Another important risk management service Life Care Services conducts for communities is on-site safety inspections. The process is designed to be a consultative and educational activity rather than a punitive one. It examines every risk imaginable related to operations, clinical care, financial, infrastructure, etc. These routine and thorough assessments analyze all aspects of the community to identify issues that need to change as well as recognize what the community is doing well.

“It is reassuring to have the Life Care Services team of experienced professionals completely review our community,” says Turner. “They are a great resource to learn from, and they help us ensure the integrity of the processes and protocols we currently have in place. When it comes to the safety and well-being of our community, no stone is left unturned.”

“Prevent and prepare” are guiding pillars of risk management. Life Care Services believes effective risk management involves identifying and dealing with risks before they occur. Raising the standards of health and safety is a never-ending effort and complements the priority to improve the quality of life and well-being of people at the communities.

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