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An Active and Rich Experience for All

Life Care Services paves the way for active senior living

Developing a rich resident experience is a top priority for our team, and it shows. Life Care Services ranked #1 in customer satisfaction with independent senior living communities, including #1 in resident activities.

Incorporating the 8 Dimensions of Wellness (Swarbrick & Yudof, 2017) from the Health & Wellness Navigation Program, an LCS Signature Experience, into community programming through resident activities is a great way to add to that rich resident experience. As leaders in senior living management, we understand just how many components fall under the activities umbrella at a community, and that each is important. Shopping day trips, nature outings and other arts and entertainment options matter as much as onsite health and wellness.

Now more than ever, health and wellness are priorities for residents and their loved ones, and our employees. Here are some areas where you can incorporate the Eight Dimensions of Wellness into your community activities for a richer, healthier resident experience.

1. Emotional Wellness

Create classes, support groups and one-on-one activities that will empower residents to understand their feelings, learn relaxation techniques and cope with anxiety and depression.

2. Environmental Wellness

Offer more green spaces for residents to partake in nature therapy.

3. Health Services

Connect residents to community health resources and encourage participation in health-related events by scheduling them on the most convenient days at the most opportune times.

4. Intellectual Wellness

Provide brain fitness at every level. Challenge residents by encouraging them to play games and complete puzzles, and by offering continuing education classes and lectures.

5. Physical Wellness

Offer a variety of fitness programs for a full spectrum of abilities.

6. Social Wellness

Foster greater engagement and cooperation from residents. Look to them to help develop special interest clubs. Resident-led activities and events cultivate support systems and create unity within the community.

7. Spiritual Wellness

Faith-based programming fosters values, meaning and purpose for residents. A range of activities to support spiritual wellness includes yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, chaplain services and bereavement counseling.

8. Vocational Wellness

Offer opportunities for residents to get involved and give back. Encourage residents to use their unique talents by volunteering by taking advantage of community career opportunities like tutoring.

Employee Health and Wellness

It’s important to consider the health and wellness of employees and how that fosters a rich resident experience. Host health fairs, encourage physical fitness and provide educational programming that will improve the health of their bodies and brains.

Life Care Services is committed to finding ways to incorporate the Eight Dimensions of Wellness into the senior living experience. We encourage you to share ideas with other communities for developing robust health and wellness activities across all communities.

Life Care Services

Life Care Services, An LCS Company, ranked highest in customer satisfaction with independent senior living communities for two years in a row in the J.D. Power, 2020 U.S. Senior Living Study — achieving the highest score in all six factors: resident activities, community staff, price paid for services received, resident apartment/living unit, community building and grounds, and dining