About Life Care Services

A history of innovation.

Started in 1971 as a subsidiary of a Des Moines, Iowa-based general contractor, The Weitz Corporation, Life Care Services, An LCS® Company, has come to provide high-quality, broad-based services for the management and marketing of the entire spectrum of senior living communities.

Along the way, we helped build the field of senior living services from the ground up, taking the lead in establishing and advocating for responsible regulations, meaningful quality indicators, predictable best practices and unique design elements that have influenced the look and feel of the modern senior residence.

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About Life Care Services

When it comes to managing senior living communities, including those offering a full continuum of care, no other company has the depth of experience that Life Care Services offers. Our employee-owners have always set exceptionally high standards with an unwavering goal to make a positive difference for the seniors, communities and partners we serve.

To ensure we never lose track of how we do this, we created five principles. You’ll see them posted on our wall, but most importantly, you’ll also see them in the things we do every day.

Our five principles:

  • We serve the customer, first and foremost.
  • We deal honestly and fairly, with integrity and openness.
  • We maintain a long-term perspective.
  • We are diligent and persevering.
  • We are interconnected and interdependent.

Currently, we serve more than 40,000 residents in 140 communities across the nation. Put our experience in senior living management and, marketing and sales resources to work for you.

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